Best steps to make Nigerian vegetable stew


Vegetable stew is a healthful and nutritious substitute for the conventional fried tomato stew, it is delicious, effortlessly digested and a piece crunchy.
In contrast to tomato stew that remaining for weeks or even a month, vegetable stew don't live long as it overcooks and melt down if heated for some days. I assume it's healthful for a day .

Substances for vegetable stew

• 1 massive bowl of sliced fluted pumpkin leaves(ugu)
• 1kg of various meat
• 200g of smoked fish
• 4 cups of sliced clean tomatoes
• ½ cup of sliced fresh pepper
• 1 cup of sliced onions
• 3 cubes of maggi
• three spoons of ground crayfish
• 100ml of vegetable oil
• salt to taste

Word: assorted meat is a aggregate of different a part of cow meats consisting of liver, kidney, gut, tripe, and many others..

Instructions for vegetable stew

• start by washing and slicing the tomatoes, slice the pepper, onions and set them aside in a plate. Wash the fluted pumpkin leaves and slice to tiny bit and set apart.

• parboil the meat with cubes of maggi, 1/2 cup of the sliced onions and allow to simmer for five minutes then add a cup of water and cook dinner for extra than 30 minutes.

• next, add half teaspoon of salt and prepare dinner till the meat is carried out. Set your cooking pot on heat, upload 100ml of vegetable oil, permit to heat earlier than including the sliced tomatoes, pepper and onions.

• allow to fry and dry for the following 10-15 mins, keep in mind to stir now and again to keep away from burning.

• add the cooked meat, smoked fish, last cube of maggi, salt to taste, crayfish and stir, permit to simmer on low heat for three mins.

• upload the leaves, stir properly and taste for salt. Allow to simmer on low warmth for three-4 minutes and you just made a scrumptious pot of vegetable stew.

• vegetable stew can be served with rice, beans, fried/boiled yam, fried/boiled plaintain.
Please percentage and depart a comment below and don't forget to offer me remarks on how your nigerian vegetable stew turned out.


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