Steps to make Nigerian pepper soup


The Nigerian pepper soup is a highly spiced soup made with diverse meat, fish, hen or bush meat and a few warm local spices which gives it a robust and scrumptious aroma.
Here in Nigeria, pepper soup is generally sold in consuming joints, eating places and eateries in Nigeria. additionally it is named based totally on the type of meat used in making the soup.
components for Nigerian pepper soup

Now let's look at how I prepared a pepper soup last night

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Needed ingredients

• 500g diverse cow meat (tripe, heart, liver&muscle)...cut into small pieces

• 2 tablespoonful pepper soup spice mix or roasted calabash nutmeg a.k.a ehu /ehuru/ariwo after peeling off the roasted pores and skin.

• habanero/chilli pepper (to flavor)

• 2 teaspoonful dry uziza/basil leaves (optionally available)

• 1 tablespoonful of ground crayfish

• 2 stock cubes/inventory powder

• 1 teaspoon thyme (non-obligatory)

• 1 medium onion bulb (chopped)

• salt - to taste

• water (as needed)
in the absence of these spices, you may employ Best
cooking directions for pepper soup

•Now to begin first, clean and prepare dinner the toughest meat first; that is commonly the cow foot and tripe (shaki).
• then add salt and thyme, pour enough water to cover the beef and depart to prepare dinner for 35 minutes on medium warmness.
•then after around 35 minutes, stir and upload the cow coronary heart. prepare dinner for 10 minutes after which add the muscle (fuku) and the liver.
• stir properly and add greater water to cowl the beef. add the chopped onions and inventory cubes. cowl and prepare dinner for five mins.
• subsequently , add the floor pepper, ground crayfish, uziza/basil leaves, the floor pepper soup spices, blend very well and cook dinner for five minutes or until the assorted meat are well cooked.
• you simply made a sizzling warm pot of Nigerian pepper soup. serve hot and experience.
• Nigerian pepper soup can be served on my own as a side dish with palm wine or any chilled drink of your choice.
• it can also be eaten as a meal, with eko (agidi), agidi jollof, boiled yams, boiled potatoes, boiled white rice and boiled plantains.


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