How I made Nigerian pounded yam


A Nigerian pounded yam is very easy to make just like Nigerian pepper soup which I talk about yesterday ,the pounded yam is made via absolutely boiling some yams and pounding/mashing to a easy paste afterwards. it's made as an accompaniment for Nigerian soups.
traditionally, pounded yam swallow is made via pounding but in recent times due to the stress involved in pounding yams, most people are drifting toward the powdered version as a quicker opportunity.
though the powdered model is faster and more handy, i've come to realise it tastes not anything like the actual pounded yam made from scratch same thing goes to pounded cassava which is one of my favorite food .
The pounded yam is never my favorite food though I use to like it sometimes, yesterday my so called boy friend request for it. In the first place I never knew I ll made it to this taste because I'm not use to it, but after after pounding I realized it worth sharing with you guys.

here's an easy to follow recipe on the way to make pounded yam from scratch.
• prep time: 10 mins
• cook dinner time: 15 mins
• serves: four
Needed utensils

• mortar and pestle, I'm igbo and in my dialet we call it ikwe u can use the comment box to tell me what you call it in ur language.
• a medium sized pot
• 1 medium sized yam tuber
(preferably vintage yam)
• water

Steps to take for pounded yam

• initially, peel the pores and skin off the yam and slice in your preferred shape and size.
• in a medium sized pot, boil the yam with water till smooth. don't let the water used in cooking the yam dry up as you'll need this even as pounding
• scoop the recent yams right into a motar and pound with the pestle. if the yam being pounded starts offevolved to become stiff, add some of the liquid utilized in cooking it into the mortar and preserve pounding.
• pound till the yam has a stretchy consistency and doesn't stick whilst touched.
your pounded yam is ready, serve with egusi soup, okra soup, ogbono soup or some other soup of your preference.
I did it and my boy friend love it, he even told me he loves me more 😂 😂 😂


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