Download Etutu by isolates produced by Daihard beatz


Finally The productive TRADOFUNK performer is here again with an "afrohip" great tune for the hotshot, and for the significant others of his latest rhymes.

As you definitely know, the famous lyricist by name 'Arafada Isolate' is popularly known for his unmistakable sound, and he has demonstrated himself to media outlets, additionally to his fans home and in diaspora with hit melodies consecutive, likewise with significant mesh joint efforts from the earliest starting point of his profession to this present time; talking 'session road cred' he has it copiously. Don't wanna say much… Just snap to download this always shaking confirmed club stick titled ETUTU (Sacrifice) Prod. by DAIHARD beatz.

Ko'sere, Ere lowa!!! #Nsp Omo'ya!
Stay favored as you tune in and spread the GOOD MUSIC.


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